Celtic Canines

Milwaukee Irish Fest's Celtic Canine Area has been called "an emerald in the pot of gold".  It is truly a unique area unmatched by any other festival.

Here you will get a chance to see and touch some of Ireland's most popular dog breeds.  Meet and talk with some of the Midwest's top breeders about their dogs.  You will also be able to learn about grooming, general care, and training.

You will learn about all 9 of the Irish breeds in our display area that features over 250 photos, prints, and descriptions of Ireland's native dogs.

In our Demo area we feature hourly events that include obedience, agility, hunting, and conformation.  You will be impressed and entertained by the dogs, who like to keep their owners on their toes.

Other dogs are not permitted on the festival grounds because of health and safety regulations.  The dogs in this area all have received special permission and permits to gain access to the grounds.