Clan Reunion

Calling all O'Loughlin's, you are invited to join the Reunion of Clan O'Loughlin this summer in Milwaukee.  There will be a special tent at Milwaukee Irish Fest for the reunion and lots of special events for the week-end.  They include:  participation in the Sunday Mass; marching with the daily parade through the festival grounds; in our own tent - meeting all of the reunion members who claim O'Loughlin ancestry;  research your ancestry and genealogy – bring along family history and photos.  

There is another special tent devoted to Genealogy on the Milwaukee Irish Fest grounds, with many knowledgeable research experts on site to help you find your O'Loughlin ancestors. 

If you plan on attending the Clan Reunion, please check out the reunion website at or on Facebook at  You can find out more about family events, reunion merchandise, and accommodations for family visitors to Milwaukee.  Registration is available through the website, as well as contact information.  Please pass on this information to relatives who may be interested in the O'Loughlin Clan Reunion.