Photo Contest

Enter your photos of scenes and subjects taken in Ireland, and you could win some "green". The contest is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival.
Click on contest rules and entry forms for details.

2014 Photo Contest Entry Rules 2014 Photo Contest Entry Form


2013 Photo Contest WInners


2013 Winners of the Photography Contest are:
1st Place - Stone wall through a rusted oil drum on Inishmaan - Photographer: Dominic Schiro
2nd Place - Session at The Grand pub in Killarney - Photographer: Bridget Corcoran
3rd Place - Cemetery in Glendalough - Photographer: Kate Haller

2013 Honorable Mention
Tom Coates
Mary Kate Gliedt
Mike Klesius
Robert Pfauth
Chris Poss
Teri Wisniewski



Baking Contest
Thank you to LeSaffre Yeast for their sponsorship

Click Here To Download Official Entry Form


Traditional Irish Soda Breads
Quick Breads
Yeast Breads: White, Whole Grain
Sweet Yeast Breads
Biscuits and Scones
(A plate of 6)
Entries will be judged for shape, crust, texture and flavor.

1. Entries will be confined to amateur bakers.
2. All entry forms must be accompanied by a complete recipe on a 3 x 5 card.
3. An exhibitor will be permitted to show only one entry in any one category.
4. Categories will be limited to 20 entries.
5. No prepared mixes may be used.
6. All persons making entries agree to accept the judges and agree to abide by
their decisions.
7. By submitting recipes and baked goods, these become the property of
Milwaukee Irish Festivals Inc. and RED STAR® Yeast, Lesaffre Yeast Corporation.

Entries will receive a free flexible cutting board/kneading mat, courtesy of
RED STAR® Yeast. Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place in each category.
All entries must be submitted on paper plates or plain cardboard and delivered to
the Dance Pavilion 12:00–12:30 p.m., Saturday, August 17, 2013.
Judging will begin promptly at 12:30 p.m.

The winners of the 2012 Baking Contest Are the Following:

Traditional Irish Soda Breads Name Sweet Yeast Breads Name
First Place Mary Halloran Trenkle First Place Sue Urbaniak                          
Second Place Margaret Halloran Quinn Second Place Lori Grady
Third Place Diane Minnis Third Place Diane Minnis
Quick Breads   Muffins  
First Place Diane Minnis First Place Diane Minnis
Second Place LuAnn Ferron Second Place Mary Roepke
Third Place Sue Urbaniak Third Place Margaret Halloran Quinn
Yeast Breads-White/Whole Grain   Biscuits & Scones  
First Place Lori Grady First Place Fiona Schiro
Second Place Amy Sedlar Second Place Vicki Zirbel
Third Place Diane Minnis Third Place Sue Urbaniak


2012 Best In Show: Sue Urbaniak - Sweet Yeast Bread



Freckle Contest

The winners of the 2012 Freckle Contest are as follows:

PLACE Birth - 5 Ages 6 - 8 Ages 9 - 12
First Place Lucy R. Sam S. Amber S.
Second Place Maria S. Riley R. Keeley S.
Third Place Max F. Alie H Abby S.


Red Hair Contest

The winners of the 2011 Red Hair Contest are as follows:

PLACE Birth - 5 Ages 6 - 8 Ages 9 - 12
First Place Jocely B. Calin B. Abby M.
Second Place Josephne N. Katie A. Ciaran B.
Third Place Gloria R. Adele B. Millie B.


If you are age Birth to 12 years old and have freckles and or red hair, please join the fun and enter either or both of the contests in 2013


Poetry Contest

The poetry awards will be given to the entries best reflecting Irish or Irish-American poetry traditions. While the poems do not necessarily need to have direct Irish or Irish-American themes, the winning entries should have a cultural/literary relation to either Ireland or Irish-America. For complete submission rules, click here.
There are two awards for the poetry contest.

  1.  The Donn Goodwin prize is named after a Wisconsin poet, linguist, and educator who was active in supporting Irish and Irish-American writing and poetry. An award of $100 will be given to the winning poem. This contest is open to all.
    The winner for 2012 is Janet Leahy with her poem titled "Breakfast with Poets"
  2. The Joseph Gahagan prize of $100 will be awarded in memory of the man who served as poetry consultant to Irish Fest for many years and was a lecturer in the English department of the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. Only current residents of Wisconsin are eligible for this prize.
    The winner for 2012 is Timothy Walsh with his poem titled "The Bridges and Tunnels of New York"