August 17-20, 2017

August 17-20, 2017

Red Hair and Freckle Contests

If you are of the age 0 to 12 years old, have freckles and/or red hair, please join the fun and enter either or both of the contests in 2017. Each winner receives a trophy or medal and is invited to be a part of the parade. Registration is before the contest at the Crossroads area booth. 


Red Hair and Freckle Contest

Red Hair Contest 2016 Winners:


Birth - 5 years
1st Place: Isaac  
2nd Place: Gloria
3rd Place: Dalin

1st Place: Josephine
2nd Place: Clara
3rd Place: Jocelyn

1st Place: Greta
2nd Place: Rukiyah
3rd Place: Robert

Freckle Contest 2016 Winners:


Birth - 5 Years
1st Place: Erin
2nd Place: Anna
3rd Place: Jameson

1st Place: Nora
2nd Place: Molly
3rd Place: Lucy

1st Place: Tim
2nd Place: Meg
3rd Place: Hailey



Freckle Contest

Freckle Contest

The winners of the 2015 Freckle Contest are as follows:

Birth - 5 Years
1st Place: Grant S.
2nd Place: Clare H.
3rd Place: Quin A.

Ages 6 - 8
1st Place: Lucy R.
2nd Place: Dannie F.
3rd Place:Connor N.

Ages 9 - 12
1st Place: Hailey R.
2nd Place: Evelyn D.
3rd Place: Danny S.