August 17-20, 2017

August 17-20, 2017

Irish Sheet Music Archives Website

Irish Sheet Music Archives Website - coming October 2013

Released October 15, 2013

The Irish Sheet Music Archives website,, is the home of the online sheet music collections found in the Ward Irish Music Archives. Original published sheet music, a frequently overlooked and neglected primary historical source, actually affords us a unique, fresh, and fascinating window into the thoughts and feelings of past generations. This website gives people access to thousands of pieces of sheet music created between 1750 and the present.

The public is able to browse and search over 5,000 pieces of Irish and Irish American themed sheet music found in our collections. Users can narrow down the collection by filtering items in the public domain (published before 1923) to view free online sheet music.

Visitors can learn more in-depth historical information about a number of subjects in the Galleries section. These will grow over time, featuring sheeet music from various historical events, performers, and composers. The galleries include:

The Sheet Music of Alfred Concanen, 19th Century Irish Lithographer and Artist

The Sheet Music of George M. Cohan, The Man Who Owned Broadway

The Irish in World War I Songs

More galleries and full scans of public domain sheet music will be added to Irish Sheet Music Archives going forward, growing the online collection as we add new pieces of sheet music and complete the digitization of our collections.

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Alfred Concanen Gallery - George M. Cohan Gallery - The Irish in World War I Song -
"Vanity Fair" c. 1870
from the Alfred Concanen Gallery
"When You Come Back" 1918
from the George M. Cohan Gallery
"The Army's Full of Irish" 1917
from The Irish in World War I Songs Gallery